Latest Releases:

  • 12-05-2018: 10 Policy Changes for a Better Climate (Blog - Opinion Piece)

  • 11-13-2018: Carma and Toyota Demonstrate Traffic-Busting High-Occupancy Car Rates with Successful Technology Pilot (PDF, Word)

Key Facts:

  • 1 year pilot at Toyota Motor North America HQ in Plano, TX, with almost 2,000 Toyota team members.

  • The pilot succeeded in doubling the average car occupancy rate to 2.18 persons (U.S rush hour average: 1.1).

  • Fleet of 34 hybrid Toyota cars available for shared commuting from 21 neighborhoods across DFW

  • Cars also available to reserve on-site during the day for personal errands.

  • Carma’s technology enabled 12,000 Verified Occupancy trips, with more than 200,000 passenger miles shared.

  • Research shows that a small reduction in traffic volumes can make a giant impact on traffic mitigation.

  • On a wider scale, a car occupancy rate of 2.14 would eliminate traffic congestion in our cities.



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User Testimonials:

Carma has been an integral part of my day since I first started using it to commute several months ago. Not only has it saved time, money, and wear on my own vehicle, it’s had a couple of other ancillary benefits I didn’t expect. I met a lot of new people at Toyota through Carma, which has actually come in useful more than once in cross-department collaboration. It is much more than a ridesharing service.
— Shawn Kupfer, Workplace Services, Toyota
I definitely recommend Carma to anybody thinking about it. It’s definitely a perk - you drive brand new vehicles, you save money, you reduce miles on your own vehicles.
— Ryan Curci, T-TEN Field Support Analyst, Toyota
Carma saves me a lot of money, but one of the most valuable aspects of it is connecting with people from all parts of Toyota who I probably would not have met otherwise.
— Shelby Kehr, Information Systems, Toyota
I love Carma because it’s convenient, economical and makes sense from the perspective that we are keeping fewer cars on the road.
— Fernando Diaz, Supply Chain Management | Export Operations, Toyota



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