Vehicle Occupancy Verification

Occupancy is in our DNA. Ever since we launched the world's first smartphone ridesharing app in 2008, we have been focused on enabling and rewarding high-occupancy travel. Our patented technology removes the need for roadside HOV enforcement by using consumer mobile technology to automatically detect and verify the number of people in a vehicle.  



Instead of relying on an outdated "catch-me-if-you-can" policy, GoCarma's approach requires road users to opt in to earn HOV toll discounts. The system is fully automated and requires no roadside infrastructure.

GoCarma allows toll operators to focus on mobility, and get out of the business of enforcement.
— Dan Lamers, NCTCOG

100% of Your Entire Road Network

Traditional gantries, and virtual gantries, can be queried for any participating vehicle at any time and location.

Fully Automated

The GoCarma app automatically detects when it’s in the car, continuously reporting on vehicle occupancy throughout a trip.

24/7/365 Coverage

GoCarma works all day, every day, with no user interaction, no manual declaration, and no roadside law enforcement.

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No Roadside Enforcement

For the first time, policy makers can provide HOV toll discounts without needing any roadside enforcement or infrastructure. 


Reliable and Robust

Unlike roadside imaging systems, GoCarma is invulnerable to changes in weather, traffic speed, lighting conditions, or seat position.


Privacy Protection

With GoCarma, no personally identifiable information is ever shared monetized, and no roadside imaging is required.

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