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  • Lauren, Berkeley Repertory Theatre
    Member Since: 2012
    Favorite Car: Toyota Yaris
    Lauren, Berkeley Repertory Theatre
    Member Since: 2012

    Our business membership for Berkeley Repertory Theatre helped us tremendously last January. We consolidated the majority of our administrative and production operations into a large warehouse, shop, and office space in West Berkeley. City CarShare has been a huge help in helping staff to conquer the issue of not being in two places at once. So even though we’re now 3 miles away from our Theatre, we’re enjoying the astonishing synergy of having various departments under one roof – thanks to City CarShare.

  • Greg
    Member Since: 2013
    Favorite Car: Hyundai Accent
    Member Since: 2013

    I mainly use City CarShare cars as a convenient way to travel to and from my work on the weekends. It’s affordable and convenient, which is important for someone like me without a car, and the customer service experience offered is the most comprehensive experience I’ve had with any carsharing services. I usually take public transportation on the weekdays and I’m a heavy user of BART to get in and out of the city. After doing extensive research, City CarShare offered the best bang for my buck when it came to all day trips. Their philosophy of “paying only what you use” made them an attractive alternative to other car sharing services.

  • Shannon and Fam
    Member Since: 2008
    Favorite Car: Toyota Prius
    Shannon and Fam
    Member Since: 2008

    We love Oakland and wanted to live somewhere that supported car-free living. We primarily use City CarShare to go hiking up in the hills, and haul things that don’t fit in our XtraCycle or bike trailer.  We also brought our daughter home from the hospital!  There’s a City CarShare Pod in the Kaiser Oakland Medical Center garage so it was super convenient to install her car seat. Another time we took City CarShare to Henry Coe State Park for a backpacking trip.  Sadly, we had to cut out early because it was colder than we anticipated – but it was so convenient to start and end the reservation when we wanted to, rather than open hours of a car rental place.


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