VeriRide Technology for Toll Discounts, Ridesharing & Transit

Occupancy is in our DNA. Ever since we launched the world's first smartphone ridesharing app in 2008, Carma has been focused on enabling and rewarding high-occupancy travel. Our patented Verified Ride technology powers a wide range of applications from transit to ridesharing to toll discounts. Learn more about some of our projects below. 



Road operators have for years invested massive resources trying to enforce High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) rules on various types of facilities including; toll roads, high-capacity, managed or express lanes, carpool and diamond lanes. Current methods of manual enforcement are unsafe, contribute to network degradation, and erode public trust in lanes that are intended be premium lanes that serve as a faster alternative to general purpose lanes. Carma's VeriRide technology removes the high-risk of road side enforcement and changes the focus from enforcement to verification in the most intuitive hands-off way that technology allows.

Carma allows toll operators to focus on mobility, and get out of the business of enforcement.
— Dan Lamers, NCTCOG

100% of Your Entire Road Network

Traditional gantries, and virtual gantries, can be queried for any participating vehicle at any time and location.

99% Accurate

VeriRide's continuous monitoring and post trip analysis insures 99% accuracy with the unknowns posted as HOV trips to always side with customer.

24/7/365 Coverage

Carma's VeriRide technology works all day, every day, with no user interaction, no user declaration and no roadside law enforcement.

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Fully Automated

VeriRide automatically reports on vehicle occupancy whenever the user in the car. No user interaction required beyond initial setup.


Reliable and Robust

Unlike roadside imaging technology, Carma's VeriRide technology is invulnerable to variance in environmental conditions, road geometry, vehicle speed or type.



Our patented Ride Verification™ technology works with smartphones and small, low-cost beacons for those without smartphones.

Some of our partners: