Carma has a seminal patent family in the ridesharing space, deriving from a comprehensive patent application (US 7,840,427) filed on 2007-02-12 and granted on 2010-11-23. This application and a series of divisional and continuation applications protect Carma's inventions in the following areas.


US 7,840,427

Priority: 2007-02-12

In 2008, we launched the first ridesharing smartphone app. This was a peer-to-peer real-time ride-matching system, which dynamically matched drivers with passengers along the path of their journey at stop locations. By dynamically ride-matching at stop locations, ridesharing is made more convenient for the driver (who doesn't have to drive out of their way) and passengers simply walk a short distance to a convenient and safe pick-up location. This idea is founded on the convenience and accessibility of public transit. In the years since the patent was filed and our app was launched, a number of other ridesharing and ride-hailing apps have successfully emerged and, over time, adopted this same approach.  

Occupancy Verification

US 10,083,608

Priority: 2007-02-12

Carma's technology enables vehicle occupancy to be verified automatically by monitoring the continuous coordinated proximity of user devices. Carma uses this approach to automatically verify vehicle occupancy using smartphones and a GoCarma Pass for enabling high-occupancy toll discounts, as well as verifying occupancy for ridesharing services and payments. Automatically determining a user's presence in a vehicle is becoming more essential as the world advances rapidly towards shared autonomous mobility. 


US 7,840,427

Priority: 2007-02-12

The US,7849,427 patent specification describes several other inventions that are now being prosecuted as Continuation Applications. These include patent applications in the following areas:

  • Occupancy verification

  • Pooled point-to-point ride-hailing

  • Mobility-as-a-Service

  • Preferential Road Allowances for HOV Travel

  • Road User Charging

  • Trust Ratings in Ridesharing