Verified Carpools

In 2008 Carma launched the first ridesharing smartphone app. Our peer-to-peer carpooling solutions have been used by government agencies and dozens of carpool vendors around the globe to get more out of their transportation systems.  Non-PII (Personal Identifiable Information) origin and destination data allow agencies to better plan transportation priorities, and developers have access to more than 250 APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow for fast integration and deployment. 

Carma Carpooling provides us with valuable data to measure the effectiveness of our alternative mobility programs.
— Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director, Contra Costa Transportation Agency


With millions of GPS verified trips, in more than 60 countries, Carma is the undisputed leader in carpool technology.


Extensive development APIs allow any software developer to extend and enhance the capabilities of their ridesharing apps.


Unlike TNCs (Transportation Network Companies), Carma is legal everywhere and qualifies for federal funding..

Some of our carpool communities:

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

We partnered with MTC 511 Rideshare and CCTA to provide real-time ridesharing and HOV bridge discounts.

Seattle, WA

We partnered with WSDOT to run go520, the world's largest real-time ridesharing pilot project.

Austin, TX

We partnered with CTRMA to verify carpools for HOV discounts deep in the Heart of Texas.

Bergen, Norway

We partnered with Bergen's airport business park to provide real-time carpooling services for employees.