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Promotion Terms

Each week during August and September, the 10 commuters with the most Carma Share commute trips each week will be entered into a drawing for a chance to drive a Lexus LC for a week. 


how the winners are selected

The names of the top 10 commuters with the most Carma Commute trips (this excludes Errand trips) each week will be entered into an online selection tool, randomly determining a different winner each week. Both driver and passenger trips will count equally. 


Time: The winners will be notified they have won on the Friday proceeding the week they'll have the car. Winners will be able to pick up the car at TMNA Monday evening and must return the vehicle to TMNA the following Monday morning. 

Gas: The car will be given to the winner with a full tank of gas. Additional gas must be purchased by the winner. 

Tolls: Carma will cover the cost of the tolls. 

What's included


Simply be one of the top 10 Carma Share commuters with the most commute trips each week. Only trips booked through the app within the normal cutoff times will be counted.  The system will not count manual bookings done by calling Carma customer service.



All Carma Share drivers and passengers are eligible to win. Winners must have entered their driver's license in the app and been cleared, meeting the Carma driver qualifications, prior to driving the Lexus LC. 

who is eligible


Insurance: The winner (and only the winner) is covered under the same Carma Share insurance policy as all approved Carma Share drivers. For specific insurance coverage information, please review the terms and services within the Carma Share app. 

One Prize Per Person: Each Carma Share commuter is only eligible to win the Lexus LC one time. Each week the previous winners will be removed from the drawing. 

Errand Trips: This promotion only counts Carma Commute trips. Any Carma Errand bookings will not be included in a commuter's weekly count of trips.

Parking on Campus: The winner may park the Lexus LC in the reserved Carma only parking spaces in any of the four parking garages on campus during their week. 

Length of Promotion: Carma will begin counting commuter trips the week of July 30. The first winner will be selected and notified on Friday, Aug. 3. The last winner will be selected and notified on Friday, Sept. 21. 

Additional details