Carma ROI Comparison

Are you a transportation agency or transportation consultant? Carma works with leading federal, state and regional agencies and some of the world's largest companies to encourage and enable high-occupancy transportation. Our partners care about making transportation more efficient, safe, affordable and sustainable. If you'd like to get your custom ROI comparing the deployment costs of Carma to your own road network, then please complete the below form and we will send you a link to schedule a time to review the results.

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This ROI is available only to qualified road operators and contractors.
Individual Road (regardless of number of lanes) or Network of roads
Brand or marketed name of road/network
Options: Toll Road (all vehicles pay the same fixed or variable price) , HOT (discounts provided for HOV vehicles), Express Lane, HOV (carpool or diamond lanes with NO pricing mechanism)
Include all lane miles for all directions of the road(s). For example: a bi-directional road consisting of 2 lanes in each direction with a centerlane length of 14 miles would be entered as 56 lane miles (2 lanes * 2 directions * 14 miles each direction)
Only use centerlane miles (no seperation greater >50' feet). For example: the bi-directional road mentioned above, consisting of 2 lanes each direction with 14 center lane miles would be entered as 14 center lane miles
Maximum number of lanes in a given direction. For example: a bi-directional road consisting of two lanes each direction would be entered as 2 directional lanes
Total number of unique toll tags that have taken at least one trip on the target road/network
Cost of basic toll tag to agency
Do you distribution a different tolltag for HOV users? If yes, then enter the cost to agency. If you use the same tag, then enter the same cost as the Tolltag above. If you do NOT use toll tags for HOV users, then please enter ZERO.
Total vehicle trip volume on the target road/network during active policy hours. Only count the vehicle trips during policy hours. For example: Only count HOV traffic during peak hours of a carpool/diamond lane and exclude traffic during General Purpose hours
Average toll amount paid by motorists who have a toll tag for the average trip (one-way). Example: $1,000 collected from 500 vehicle trips would average $2.00 per trip
Discount provided for High Occupancy Vehicles during peak hours (just the number - no percentage sign please). Example, if HOV users get 50% off the SOV rate, then please enter 50. If HOV users are FREE, then please enter 100 to represent 100 percent discount.
Total number of unique vehicle license plates that have taken at least 1 trip on the target road/network and been invoiced by your agency
Percentage of vehicles claiming HOV status on the target road/network (during peak/policy hours). Do NOT enter the %percentage sign. Example, if 15% of your traffic is HOV then please enter 15.
Percentage of vehicles claiming HOV status that are actually SOVs (single occupancy vehicles). This information usually comes from annual HOV counts performed by the DOT. Do NOT enter the %percentage sign. Example, if fraud is 30% then please enter 30.
Amount of citation/fine if sucessfully prosecuted for violating HOV policies. Enter $0.00 (zero) if there is no penalty or simply an adjustment to the toll paid
Annual amounts paid for HOV enforcement related law enforcement contracts. Do not include amounts paid for incident cleanup
Annual amount paid to install/maintain enforcement technologies including; light systems (alerts officer of HOV declaration), switchable tag readers (accepts switchable toll tags), Vehicle Occupancy Camera systems (do not include costs for license plate detection cameras) and/or Declaration Solutions (declaration apps)
Annual call center/support staff costs specifically related to HOV issues including; distribution of switchable tags, technical support for declaration apps, adjudication administration, invoice/bill reconciliation for HOV trip credits
Annual number of citations successfully prosecuted. Do not count voided citations