Shared Mobility Services

Carma's Verified Ride™ technology is a breakthrough solution for shared mobility service providers who wish to detect and encourage high occupancy travel for public transit, ridesharing, vanpooling and autonomous vehicles.

What this means is that if we can provide incentives for carpooling without building new infrastructure, then we can increase the throughput capacity of our existing transportation system.
— Greg Griffin, TTI Associate Transportation Researcher

✓ Ride verification

Verify who is in the car using Carma's Verified Ride technology. Occupants with a mobile device are automatically detected using near-field communications.

✓ journey reporting

Access a complete audit trail for any passenger journey, including pick-ups, drop-offs, occupancy, GPS trail. Study usage patterns across a set of vehicles.

✓ connected car services

Provide customized services to your customers based on who is in the car. This new Connected Car dimension provides exciting new consumer possibilities.