What is Carma Tolling?

Carma Tolling is a smartphone app that enables you to automatically declare your vehicle occupancy so that you can be eligible for HOV toll discounts.

When you sign up, Carma will send you a small Bluetooth-enabled device (a “Car Beacon”) that you keep in your car’s glove box. This enables any occupant with the Carma Tolling app on their phone to be automatically counted in the car.

Please note that Carma Tolling is currently being tested with a small group of users in the Dallas Fort-Worth area only.

Where can I use Carma Tolling?

Today, Carma Tolling is only being used as part of a Pilot Test in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. It is not yet available for general use.

If you wish to be notified when Carma Tolling is available in your area, please email team@gocarma.com.

Who is carma?

We’re a world leader in technology that encourages and enables high occupancy commuting.

Our mission is to fight traffic gridlock and save people time on their commute by filling up empty seats in private cars.

Today we provide an automated vehicle occupancy verification system that enables vehicle occupancy to be detected and reported automatically, replacing legacy roadside enforcement solutions.

Today, we are conducting a Pilot Test with a small group of users in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. This means that using Carma Tolling does not yet have any influence on whether you receive a HOV discount.

The only way to receive HOV discounts in the area is to use the Drive on TEXpress app to pre-declare your vehicle occupancy.

How do I get a HOV toll discount?


Each occupant must have either 1) the Carma Tolling app installed on their phone, or 2) an Occupant Beacon (if they don’t have a smartphone).

An Occupant Beacon is a small Bluetooth-enabled device that can be carried on your person to have your occupancy detected in the vehicle.

At least one occupant in the vehicle must have the Carma Tolling app installed on their phone.

Does everyone in the vehicle need the App?


Carma Tolling is designed to be as simple as possible. This means you don’t need to do anything when you get in the car. You don’t even have to open the app.

Once you have logged into the app and grant the relevant permissions, you should see a screen saying “Not In Car”. From this moment, you will always be detected when you are in a vehicle with a Car Beacon located in the glove box.

What do I need to do when I am in the Car?


The Carma Tolling app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) simply to detect when it is in close proximity to a Car Beacon and other occupant devices.

This enables Carma to determine the vehicle occupancy and report that to the toll agency, with minimal impact on your battery.

Why does the app need access to Bluetooth?

Carma uses your location when you are detected in the vehicle only. This is to determine your eligibility for a toll rebate. For example, the system needs to know if you have driven through a toll plaza.

Why does the App need access to my location?

Carma Tolling has a minimal impact on your smartphone battery. However, the app does use Location Services when it detects that it is in the car. Any app that uses location services will naturally use more battery than other apps, so this explains why you may have noticed your battery is being used a little bit more.

However, if you do notice that your battery is draining much more quickly, it is possible that the app thinks it is in the car when it is not, for example if your car is parked very close to your home. To verify this, please open the app when you are in your house or at work. It should say “Not In Car” on the home screen. If it says “In Car”, then we may need to adjust your Car Beacon setup a little bit, so please send us a message from within the app (“Chat With Us” screen).

I notice that my phone's battery is being used more.

Why is that?

In the Carma Tolling app, go to the Menu and select “Car Beacons”. There you can add your car details. It then takes us a few days to send you out your Car Beacon.

You will need to enter your license plate and toll tag details.

How do I get a Car Beacon?

In the Carma Tolling app, go to the Menu and select “Occupant Beacons”. There you can request Occupant Beacons for your children or others without a smartphone. It then takes us a few days to send you out your Occupant Beacons.

Then, as long as one occupant has the Carma Tolling app setup on their phone, each Occupant Beacon will be detected in the car and included in your occupancy count.

How do I get an Occupant Beacon?

In the Carma Tolling smartphone app, you can request an Occupant Beacon for your kids. This is a small bluetooth keychain device that you can attach to your child’s backpack or keyring, instead of a smartphone.

You child’s Occupant Beacon will work in any registered car. As long as one occupant has the Carma Tolling app on their phone, the Occupant Beacon will be detected in the car. You don’t need to request more than one Occupant Beacon per child.

What about kids?

Once you have requested a beacon using the Carma Tolling app, you should be able to inspect the status of your requested beacon on the Car Beacons or Occupant Beacons screen.

Please allow 5 days for your Car Beacon to arrive. If you have not received your beacon after 5 days, please send us a message in the app (using “Chat With Us”) or send an email to team@gocarma.com.

I haven't received my Car Beacon or Occupant Beacon yet! 

What now?

What about quickly registering passengers (e.g. airport pickups)?

Carma Tolling makes it easy for a driver to get passengers quickly setup with the system by following these simple steps:

  1.  Open the app and select “Invite a Friend” from the menu.
  2.  Select “Message” to send an SMS to your passenger.
  3.  They will receive an SMS with a link to download the app.
  4.  After downloading the app, the passenger simply taps to Sign Up.
  5.  The passenger fills out a short sign up form and verifies their phone number.

That’s it! It should only take the passenger a couple of minutes to complete the sign up process.

They will then be immediately included in the car’s occupancy count.