We’ve got premium hybrid cars for you and your team members to share on your commute, with morning and evening departures to suit your busy schedule. You can choose to drive, or sit back and relax, while Carma takes care of all the little details – tolls, gas, insurance and premium parking.

Simply use the Carma Share app to discover your nearest Carma departure point, book your seat as the driver or as a passenger and to unlock the car.

Where is it available?

Carma Share is available on multiple fixed routes throughout the DFW Metroplex to the Toyota NA campus. 

To see all available routes, visit the map within your app. For specific departure times and locations, select the route nearest you, select "View Trips," and then click on the vehicle photo. 

All morning bookings must be made by midnight, the evening prior. Afternoon bookings must be made before 2 p.m. on the day of the trip. This is to allow time for the driver to be notified of all the passengers who have made a booking, and to ensure that nobody gets left behind. Should you forget to make a booking, contact Carma by the in-app chat or phone call feature to let us know. If there is still ample space and time to notify the driver, we will do our best to accommodate you. However, all late bookings cost $3. 

How far in advance must i book?

What if I cannot find a route near me?

If you don’t see a route that matches your commute, please tell us. We’re adding more routes all the time, so we’d love to get your input. Tell us more about your commuting needs by filling out this short form.

Cars depart each morning and evening, Monday through Friday. Departure times may vary depending on your route. For specific departure times nearest you, just open the app and select your closest Carma departure point from the map. From there, select "View Trips," and then click on the vehicle photo. 

What time do the cars depart?

You’ll see the price for your route listed when you go to make your booking. In order to book your seat, payment is taken the moment you place the booking. We take care of gas, insurance, tolls and maintenance. No additional hidden fees to worry about here!

How much does it cost?

You simply add your credit card in the app. Then, whenever you make a booking, the price of the trip is charged to your card. You’ll be asked to authorize the payment each time you book a trip.

How do I pay? 

The cars are premium hybrid Toyota Highlanders and Toyota Camrys. Each car is fully equipped with free WiFi, comfy leather seats, USB/power outlets for every seat and much more!

What are the cars like?

The cars are driven by Toyota Team Members and Contingent workers considered to be what we call Trusted Drivers. Becoming a Trusted Driver is simple and can be done through the app within minutes. To be eligible to drive, you must be at least 21 years of age and submit your Driver License details for a DMV Driver Record Check. We’ll notify you once you’re approved and you can then choose to drive or ride. Drivers with a Texas license for less than two years will be asked to provide their previous license number and state.

Who drives the car?

We take care of insurance coverage for each car and everyone in the car. You do not need your own personal auto insurance policy to be a Trusted Driver.

What about insurance?

We take safety seriously, so every driver must pass a stringent DMV driver record check. In addition, each trip is tracked and monitored, and all cars are equipped with emergency monitoring and roadside assistance. Carma ensures 100% insurance coverage for the car, driver and all passengers. However, if you ever have a concern during your commute, make sure to let us know through the Chat With Us feature in the app.

Is it safe?

You sure can! After a driver has selected a departure time, you can book a seat as a rider. When you go to make your booking, you’ll be able to see which cars have available seats.

I don’t want to drive. Can I still book a trip?

The app is called Carma Share, and is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

Where can I get the app?

Please check the app to discover your nearest Carma departure point.

The goal is to have the cars parked in a location that is convenient to get to and park at, and is within a short driving distance from your house.

If there isn’t a route or location that is convenient for you, simply fill out this short form to let us know more about your commuting needs.

Where are the cars located?

No. Use it whenever you want. There is no membership or monthly fee – you pay per trip. You can even use it in the morning but not in the evening. The only requirement is for the driver to use it in the evening, so we make sure the vehicle has a return trip to the origin location.

Are we committed to using Carma a certain number of days per week or month?

There are multiple choices of departure times in the app, with each time showing the number of available seats. Once a Driver selects their departure time, that time slot is officially opened for riders to reserve their seats. If, for example, there is a time slot earlier or later showing 4 seats available, you can still sign up for that time, but the system will prompt you that the time slot does not yet have a Driver, and asks if you want to be a Driver. If you don’t, you may check back later or alternatively, you can switch to a time where there is already a Driver.

How will we determine departure timing, given everyone’s different schedules?

As long as you cancel your booking with a notice of 12 hours or more prior to the departure time, you can cancel without a fee or penalty. Riders who cancel a booking within 12 hours of a scheduled trip or simple do not show up for their ride, will not receive a refund. As a rider, you can cancel your reservation directly through the app. However, if you are a driver and you want to cancel, you must contact customer support through the “Call Us” feature within the app to ensure another driver is identified to drive the passengers who have already signed up for your departure time.

Am I penalized if I reserve a seat but do not show up for the departure?

We will take care of all the maintenance, including gas. There is no need to worry; we will ensure the cars are always ready when you are.

who is responsible for filling the GAS tank?

Once the cars arrive on the Toyota NA campus, they are checked daily to ensure they are tidy, stocked with amenities, and accident/scratch free. However, if we ever overlook something, please let us know by filling out the form on the Report a Problem screen within the app.

who is responsible for cleaning the car? 

Safety is our number one priority. If there is an accident during your ride, please be sure to first dial 911. After notifying 911, please use the “Call Us” button within your Carma app to alert us. In the case of a breakdown, simply use the Call Us button within the Carma app and we will take action to ensure a speedy resolution.

What happens if we have car trouble or we get into an accident?

Of course not; we understand things happen. If an emergency unexpectedly occurs, we have an emergency vehicle in each garage. Simply contact Carma and we will provide immediate access.  Then, return the vehicle the next day when you come into work.

If I take Carma to work and a personal emergency occurs, am I stranded?

If you leave an item in the car, simply use the Call Us button within the Carma app to let us know, and we’ll be able to unlock the car remotely to help you regain access to your belongings.

If I leave something in the car, how can I retrieve it?

To be eligible to drive one of the cars, you must meet the minimum requirements below. If you have recently moved to Texas and you have insufficient driving history on your Texas driver license, we will ask you to provide the number and state of your previous driver’s license. Once your driving history has been confirmed, we will update your driver license status and you will be able to book the car as a driver.

Minimum Requirements to Drive:

  • No major violations in the past 5 years
  • No more than 2 minor violations in the last 3 years
  • At least 2 years of driving experience
  • At least 21 years old

My new driver license has insufficient driving history. What now?

No. While Carma does cover tolls for driving on Texas highways, the DFW Airport fee is not covered.  It is a fee that gets paid to the airport, rather than a toll managed through the TXTag toll collection system. Therefore, all airport fees must be covered by the driver. 

Are the fees / tolls at dfw airport covered by carma?

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