Corporate Rideshare

Ready to supercharge your employees' commute? Carma provides a network of strategically placed high-end Toyota hybrid vehicles, which provide a high-occupancy commuter solution for the farthest reaches of a metro area – locations that public transit cannot serve. Employees can book a one-way seat, as either a rider or driver, in one of these high-occupancy vehicles to or from major work centers. The cars are also available to book for private errand trips during the day. The vehicle amenities, such as wifi and power outlets, make them a mobile work environment, while the comfortable leather seats allow others to relax on their commute.

Our partnership with Carma allows employers to reduce parking and carbon footprint, while retaining talent with this one of a kind TDM solution.
— Jaycie Chitwood, Manager Strategic Partnerships, Toyota NA


Drive or ride, daily or ad-hoc, with frequent departures from employee neighborhoods.


Hybrid vehicles with 3-4 people substantially reduces parking and carbon emmissions.


One-way or round-trip prices include all fuel, tolls and insurance - at a cost significantly lower than driving alone.


Employees use a smartphone app to make bookings, and to lock / unlock the car with the tap of a button.

Automatic DMV Check

Users scan their driver license, and can be approved to drive in less than one minute. 

Commute and CARSHARE

A user can book a seat for their commute, or book the car for private use during the day.