How It Works

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Get the GoCarma App

Make sure each person in your car has the GoCarma app setup on their phone.

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Setup Your GoCarma Pass

We’ll send you this small Bluetooth device for your car’s glove box.

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Verify Your HOV Trips

The GoCarma app will automatically report when it’s in your car.

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Save on Tolls!

Get discounted tolls when for HOV trips in participating cities.

With GoCarma I’m saving about $150 each month on my tolls - and it feels good to be doing our bit to cut congestion and emissions on our commute.
— Elizabeth, Austin

For Agencies

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Verify HOV Transactions

Road users must verify HOV trips to earn toll discounts.

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Fully Automated

No self-declaration with fully automated HOV detection and reporting.

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No Enforcement Required

Reduce violations without roadside cameras or law enforcement spot checks.

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No Infrastructure Costs

GoCarma works everywhere, without any roadside infrastructure.

Being able to save so much on tolls means we can travel in the Express Lanes - that makes such a difference. I get home earlier so I can spend more time with my kids before they go to bed.
— Doug, San Francisco Bay Area

GoCarma allows toll operators to focus on mobility, and get out of the business of enforcement.
— Dan Lamers, NCTCOG

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